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A worry a day


A friend of mine recently gave me Guatemalan Worry Dolls as a gift; three tiny hand-made figures that came in a brightly woven bag.

The traditional is to tell a worry to each of these dolls and then put them under your pillow as you sleep.   The dolls are supposed to disappear the next morning, taking the worry away with it.

Being a fairly open-minded individual, I dutifully spoke to each doll on Monday evening, recounted a worry (yes, I had three) and then put them under my pillow.

Tuesday dawned without any additional surprises, the dolls were still there and so were my worries.

My friend gleefully suggested I needed to name each doll to help them work.  So, feeling rather silly, I christened each figure with a suitably Guatemalan name (so I thought) spoke to them personally, stressed the nature of each worry and requested that they deal with it.

Wednesday arrived and so too did a phone call that addressed one of my concerns.  ‘Lolita’ (one of the dolls) had got to work to help reduce one particular worry, well done Lolita!

Last night, I enthusiastically spoke to each doll again and I am eagerly awaiting positive news.  I have yet to determine if the Worry Dolls actually work, apparently it takes six days of worry-removal to restore balance.  Although it has to be said that each evening I experienced a light heartedness before going to sleep; why continue to worry if someone (or something) is doing it for me?  Aha!  Perhaps then, that is the true magic of the dolls.