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Thou shalt know thy toque

One of the first lessons a Brit (or anyone for that matter) living in Canada needs to learn is how to endure those legendary Canadian winters.

Thou shalt know thy toque


Nakiska wins over skiers in the Rockies

Take a look at my latest article Nakiska wins over skiers in the Rockies


Remember the salt in the custard?

Circle of friends

Everyone experiences stages in life where is seems like the odds are against them; and I am certainly no different.   The last few months I’ve been feeling like the lead character in movie that is a mix between Bridget Jones, Jerry Maguire and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Admittedly random absurdities happen to me on a regular basis, for example just last weekend I managed to slice my finger with a knife within minutes of arriving at a temp job (there was a lot of blood), forgot the three main ingredients for the chili dish I attempted to make for a friend and then unknowingly added salt, rather than sugar to the custard I made for a potluck supper.  Add these to other recent unwanted and unwelcome experiences, I found myself frequently praying for the end of 2011 to arrive quickly.

So it was with some relief when New Years Day arrived, bringing with it a nagging hangover, a shift in mind-set and a growing sense of liberation.

The photographs from the New Years Eve weekend added to the mood.  Despite all that life throws at me, I have a community of caring, fun and supportive friends and family that believe in me.

It’s a brand new year, a significant time according to the Mayan calendar and I sense a year of great things ahead.  Yet I cannot underestimate the value of the last few months.  I have grown immeasurably and have discovered that most people are only too happy to help, if I let them.  And perhaps best of all, I have plenty of new material for that future novel.